Special District Financing and Administration

SDFA provides a variety of consulting services to assist municipalities in the organizing, planning, and financing of public projects. We are passionate about exclusively serving public agencies and are proud of our history of strongly advocating for the interests of our clients and their citizenry.

Feasibility & Formation

SDFA works closely with our clients through every step of the CFD formation process providing guidance and coordinating all involved parties. Advocating a strong position for our clients and pursuing innovative ideas to meet their unique needs maximizes the efficiency and benefit of the formed special district.


In order to provide accurate and efficient administration services, SDFA utilizes in-house software to process, calculate, apportion, and generate all special taxes and assessments. SDFA is proud to be a full-service Administrator to our clients and provide a varying depth and range of services as required by each individual client and each special district.


In conjunction with Formation and Administration services, SDFA assists clients with required reporting including: Continuing Disclosure, Arbitrage Rebate Services, CDIAC, and Annual and Five Year Reports. These services ensure that our clients comply with State and Federal rules and regulations regarding municipal debt.

School Fees

SDFA prepares Fee Justification Studies and School Facilities Needs Analysis to allow our clients to collect the maximum applicable Developer Fees.


In order to serve clients individual needs, SDFA provides a range of other services including: Fund Audit/Review Reports, Fiscal Analysis, Growth Projections, Staff Training, and Territory Transfer Studies. At SDFA we provide individualized solutions by analyzing and strategizing with our client to assure the approach and the resulting product meets policy and political guidelines.

Our Experience

SDFA has been serving Public Agency clients for over two decades.

Principals have over 25 years of Experience Each

Average Administrative Client Relationship is well over 10 years.

Staff Average Experience in Public Finance over 15 years.